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 18th july 2011 improvments needed - alex

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18th july 2011 improvments needed - alex Empty
PostSubject: 18th july 2011 improvments needed - alex   18th july 2011 improvments needed - alex Icon_minitimeTue 19 Jul - 3:49

alex this is another of my amazing lists becaus im amazing at picking faults with things so here we go:-
-first make regular save points incase one fucks up..
-owner symbols blue with white o
-rank after sign aka owner co owner admin
-barrows gloves + defence to wear them ect
-try add fight pits caste wars or any other fun minigames
-summoninng slayer and dungeneering
-combat levels from 137 back to 126 unless u can fix properly...
-donator zone shops remove torva from all shops and all the other rare rare items
-also the pkp store u buy 2 at a time needs fixing + the items in it
-prices of items in general
-name of server ontop of the client and in quest tab
-g maul special
-home tele to where you want edgville i presume?
-move all shops to edgeville
-check all weapons attack bonuses - anchor needs doing
-when you check items on death noting shows up

if i think of anymore i will add them but for now get to work!!
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18th july 2011 improvments needed - alex
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